But ชุด ว่า ย น้ํา เกาหลี the US Air Force has urged swimwear designers a faster schedule, saying the current jets are becoming too expensive to repair. 'Could cost more' - by Zoe Thomas, BBC New York business correspondent As president and commander-in-chief, Donald Trump will have the power to cancel the contract with Boeing for the new planes. But if he does, it could cost the US taxpayer even more as the new president tries to save money. The US government has already signed a contract with Boeing for $170m (134m ; 158m). Additional funding has also been earmarked for the two new planes. The Government Accountability Office - an independent government auditor - estimates the final cost will be $3.2bn. The planes are still in early design phases, though - much of the money has yet to be spent and has not had a chance to overrun the cost estimates. Negotiation between Boeing and the US government could cut some of the costs, but if Mr Trump pulls out of the Boeing contract entirely the country may lose the funding it is already contracted to pay. Mr Trump now uses his own plane, but as president he would travel aboard Air Force One, which is equipped with special safety, defensive and communications equipment.

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