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"People would ask me, do you have any rights, as a girl living there? And yeah, we have a lot of rights, actually," says Yasmine. "A lot of people have such bad connotations about the Arab world, so we thought - okay, we need to explain it." The HALLA emoticons include men in more conservative Islamic dress - the kandura, an ankle-length white robe, and the keffiyeh, a headdress. But others wear casual baseball caps. Likewise the female emojis, which range from a bare-headed woman crying with laughter, to a girl in a loose hijab giving a flirty wink. Image copyright HALLA WALLA Image caption The emojis include a range of emotions - and sly Gulf jokes like a superbike and a blingy watch "We really wanted to capture how fun-loving people are here - how everybody's comedic," Eriko says. "Some of Yasmine's relatives are super-covered, they're conservative - but they're cheeky and fun-loving. Others are quite liberal, but also wear traditional dress. "Our friends are mixed - we have some covered, some non-covered. So we really just wanted to capture all of that - to show that there's such a diversity here, especially in our generation." Saudi teenager plans hijab emoji Yasmine says one of their gifs - an animated snippet of a woman in a hijab, blowing a kiss - was inspired by her cousins.

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