He told debate moderator Elaine Quijano that Clinton has shown a commitment since she was a young woman to serving others, and quickly moved on to attacking Republican nominee Donald Trump. Trump always puts himself first, Kaine said, accusing Trump of building his business career on the backs of the little guy. He mentioned Trumps accusation that many of the immigrants to the United States from Mexico are rapists and murders, and criticized Trumps long campaign, starting in 2012, questioning whether President Obama was really born in the United States. I cant imagine how Gov. Pence can defend the insult-driven, selfish, me-first style of Donald Trump, Kaine said. Pence sat to Kaines left, shaking his head in disagreement. The Indiana governor turned to Kaine and said, Senator, you and Hillary Clinton would know a lot about an insult-driven campaign. It really is remarkable. Pence gave no examples, however, and moved on quickly. He was focused on painting a picture of the world as spinning out of control. When he mentioned Russia, Kaine jumped in to interrupt, the first of many times he would do so. You guys love Russia, Kaine told Pence. These guys have praised Vladimir Putin as a great leader. View photos GettyImages-612665724 More As Quijano struggled

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to regain control of the conversation, Pence said, in response to Kaines interjections, I must have hit a nerve here. Pence again said that Clinton and Kaines campaign has been characterized by an avalanche of insults, but again did not offer examples.

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